This Isn’t an Excuse Not to Buy Flowers…

If there’s one thing I’m really sick of, it’s this whole preconceived idea of what love is among my generation.

Disclaimer: I can’t tell you what love is either, nor am I going to claim to. But what I can offer is my general consensus to social media and the
world on what ideas of it need to be shut down.

Let’s start with the tweet that even sent me into overdrive this morning:


Honesty hour- what if I seriously just don’t like that person? Just stating the obvious here, hello. What if that person stole $100 from me? What if that person ran over my cat with their car? You can straight up just not like a person, feelings will most likely never be mutual. So you know what, if you have logical reason to not reply to those texts, or to continue ignoring that person, then just do it.

Another thing- girls shut up. You want to know why boys don’t understand us? Because there’s some of you out there who literally make it impossible. I don’t even understand girls anymore. Don’t expect flowers every time your boyfriend/significant other turns around. Don’t make it all about you. Don’t act like you know the whole world. & my personal best advice I can offer you- nobody should wear any pair of pants that are more entitled than the other.

You’re going to be happier with no expectations, I’ll promise you that right now. (Unless you’re practically married, then own that shit & don’t screw up.) But the key to any good relationship is flaws. Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes & whatever else Hannah Montana said in that song back in 2007. Last piece of advice to offer, find your best friend. That’s what you’re going to be happiest with. Someone who accepts you for every bitch face, tear stained Kleenex you make during that over-joyous time-of-the-month. Someone you can go to a baseball game with, root on different teams & still leave smiling. Someone who accepts the fact you’re only watching the Super Bowl with them for commercials and Katy Perry. Someone who is still going to play XBox even though you’ve cried that you’re hungry 300 times over, but you know you’ll be okay. & finally, someone you would be okay with competing against & taking out on Survivor, but in the end sharing the million dollars anyway.

Boys, this isn’t an excuse to not buy flowers. Rant. Over.

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