8 Things to do for Yourself Right Now

1. Put Lemon in Your Water
There’s TONS of health benefits here guys, but I won’t bore you with listing them all… but:

  • Lemon water is high in vitamin C, which is an immunity booster.
  • It’s also high in potassium which is helpful in stimulating the Central Nervous System.
  • Lemon water also helps balance your pH levels in your body, which is actually pretty interesting seeing as citrus fruits are acidic.
  • Drinking lemon water can be beneficial to your oral health as well, in terms of preventing bleeding from the gums and ridding bad breath.
  • Skin benefits include repairing damaged skin cells and ridding of blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Drinking lemon water can permanently rid of dandruff issues and helps promote hair growth.

Please, tell me another drink that can do all this and more, & is FREE at EVERY restaurant. You’re welcome.

2. Treat Yo•Self
My biggest debate in life is spending my money on clothes or hair appointments. I also struggle with regularly making it a point to get a massage, facial, or even a simple mani/pedi.

By the way, the aforementioned duo exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes better circulation, which is a must during the dry winter months out here in the Midwest. These appointments are also an opportunity to soften and moisturize the skin while simultaneously preventing the development of nail infections. Another fun fact- nail biters are less likely to chew on manicured fingers. (I’m living, breathing and walking proof of this, I swear!)

Even the massages are beneficial, and I know that’s y’all’s favorite part. This portion actually has been shown to improve mental and physical health, including calming the nervous system, improving organ function and benefiting overall health.

It’s also proven that we have a more positive mentality after these appointments. Plus, when you look and feel great, that confidence boosts. So please, don’t forget to spend a little extra dough every now and again to treat yourself.

3. Watch What You’re Eating
I worded that in a very specific way for a very specific reason. I do not recommend any type of extreme diet, expensive pills, or whatever else is out there right now advertised to help with weight loss.

I’m simply suggesting that when you go through Taco Bell at midnight, make sure it’s because you’re actually hungry or you’re needing to save yourself from a bad hangover the next day.

Everything is about portion control. Want the donut? Friday night pizza party? Vodka sodas? All in moderation.

Also, try not to bored eat. Please refer back to lemon water benefits and drink accordingly.

4. Give Your Hair a Break
Where you at @jvn???

Don’t style your hair too tight. Remember that what goes up, must come down and if you’re pulling out strands of your hair the breakage can cause permanent damage. Extra strong hold hairspray is a much better solution to keeping your styles secure.

Also, try not to use actual rubber bands or any ties with metal in them. It, again, falls into the breakage category, and you want to try to rip out as few hairs as possible daily.

Towel drying is also becoming a thing of the past, because the fibers and particles found in them are actually things you don’t want getting tangled in your scalp. My sources suggest using a t-shirt; haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my list of to-dos.

Finally – if it’s getting hot in here, don’t take off your clothes. Simply put away the dryer and flat iron. I’m an avid user of all things heat, but now that I’ve gone dark I’ve realized the impact it can have on the strands, and boy it sure isn’t pretty.

5. Tell Your Loved Ones You Love Them
Call them. Write them. Text them. Visit them. I don’t care how you do it, just always make it a point to be engaged. You never know when it might be too late.

6. Stretch
The following are all benefits of stretching, which you should do wether you live an active lifestyle or not:

  • Increases Circulation
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Better Balance
  • Lowers Stress Levels
  • Reduces Injury Risk
  • Reduces Pain
  • Gives More Energy
  • Increases Mobility
  • Improved Posture
  • Increases Performance

7. Travel
Have you seen the coast of Greece? Ever climbed a mountain in Wyoming? Have an itch to try catching some of the great Alaskan fish you see in the market? Wonder what a day in Rome might actually be like?

Traveling isn’t just good for relaxing and enjoying a break from our reality. Considering we’re living in times that are so globalized, we often lack culture.

One of my favorite parts of traveling is meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love to know what local markets they’re visiting or if they have a favorite dive that isn’t rated on Trip Advisor.

We can learn so much from the people around us. And being educated just feels good. Am I right?

8. Follow Your Heart
I didn’t get where I am by listening to what others wanted me to do.

I’m the type of individual who follows my gut instinct and listens to my heart. It’s gotten me far. It’s taught me a lot. I love myself more for it.

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