I’m an Observer

People Watching:
the action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place.
i.e. “each seat has a view of the park across the street and is perfect for people watching”
(Google Definitions)

Possibly one of the most popular activities for young adults today, people watching has become a fad of the 2010’s.
Another huge fad, which really isn’t a fad at all, just a nickname for human curiosity, is creeping. Generally takes place on social media, but isn’t limited to behind a screen; creeping is the art of looking into or ease dropping on someone else’s life.

But for some people, like me, these “fads” bring something more into this world. I don’t look across the room at someone and over-analyze what they’re wearing; I look at how they’re interacting. Either on their own, with a significant other or with a group of friends, people are literally amazing.

But then it has to be taken a step farther. I’m a dreamer and a believer and a chaser. If you want something in this world I see no obstacles that you can’t take on. So when people achieve something that matters to them, I love it. For example, to become certified as a teacher in any given state, there’s some sort of testing you must pass to enter your coursework at the college level; in Missouri this test is called the MoGEA. Today my best friend got the email that she passed the final section and is able to enter Block II coursework in the spring. The excitement on her face when she realized what happened was literally phenomenal, and I only wish I could see people get that excited over a goal every day.

Creeping can lead to those moments too. My other friend shared a video of a young boy learning to walk after being born with a disability that makes it near impossible. Her caption, “This is why I want to go into the occupational therapy field!” Yeah, Laci- that’s you.

I guess passion fuels us in more ways than just ourselves, which is another thing I’ve observed over this lifetime. If you take a second to sit back, take a deep breath in and look at the world around you, the different things you’ll see are amazing. A smile from the barista, a wink from an officer director traffic, or the breath of a runner on his morning jog- it all really does matter. It all really is detail. It all really is amazing.

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