I think we all struggle in different ways for different reasons. I believe that for every time we think we understand it all, we deserve one curve ball that makes us doubt almost our entire being. God put us where we’re supposed to be for a reason, and we each have a purpose created by Him. There is a path we go down, paved with great intentions, yet darkened by our biggest fears. We’re forced to realize things that we never even dreamt could be possible. It’s almost like magic, the cards playing out to give into our deepest, most subconscious thoughts. Sometimes all it takes is one moment to shatter an entire wall that you didn’t even realize was made of glass. Sometimes all it takes is one moment to start a light that fuels a fire. So what exactly do we need to realize? What are some things that if we just knew from the beginning could change the way we mold ourselves and travel down our paths?

Nobody is Perfect
I believe this is the number one thing society needs to learn. Wether you believe in God, yourself or the sunset- this is something that needs to be noticed. You aren’t going to find your perfect best friend that meets all 4,273 bullet points on your criteria list. Actually, they won’t even be close to that. Just like you aren’t going to find a significant other without baggage. Everyone has a past, either haunted with ghosts that are trying to stay out of the closet, or shining like the stars on a clear country sky. There’s is nobody that is even for a second going to give you full satisfaction for the entirety of your existence. This is so much more than okay- this is where you’re meant to grow. Maybe alone, maybe together- but regardless it’s mean to happen.

We All Have a Purpose
You matter. Get that into your head right now- somewhere in this world, at some point in time you are, have already, or will be making something better. It may not be right now, or tomorrow, or even the next day. It even possibly could have already happened. You’re out here for a reason, and just like I mentioned above you will go through odds and evens, twists and turns to get there. But trust me, when you do, it will be the single most greatest second of your life. But please, don’t give up. Don’t quit trying. Your dream matters, you need to keep on keeping on.

You’ll Go Through a Hard Time
We would be liars if we said it was always easy, wouldn’t we? You have to live for the greater moments. Cherish them, remember them, feel them; they create your life. But for every thousand great moments to make, you’ll more than likely experience one that won’t be in your favor. Unfortunately we have things such as heartbreak, loneliness and death in this world. They aren’t going anywhere. The average male is expected to live to be 84 years old. Go find someone high in their numbers, if they can’t tell you 5 bad things that have happened in those years they’re lying. We all go through it, so please once again remember you are not alone. It’s all a part of life.

It’s only a list of 3 things to keep in the back of your mind everyday. I’ve literally practiced with this over the last 3-ish months, and the outlook I have on this world is phenomenal now. Your eyes can be opened to amazing new things if you just allow them to see. Listen to the wind, soak in the sunlight and then just open your eyes and live.

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