As a girl from the Midwest, I can promise you that the month of December can be beyond boring. There’s all this hype for Christmas and New Years that lasts 25 days entirely TOO long. But have no fear, fly-over-staters, this December you won’t be bored, CAN’T be bored, because I’m giving you a list of 25 things that are completely and totally do-able that still keep you in the Christmas spirit.

1.Spike the Hot Chocolate

Can I get an amen?! This blog is aimed at people my own age, so let me start off with the number one thing on all our minds- Finals Week. What better way to get through it than finding different ways to make hot chocolate that much better? Like, seriously, peppermint schnapps anyone? I’m doing it, my best friend’s doing it, my mom’s doing it, Paisely’s doing it- give into my peer pressure and follow this link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/juliapugachevsky/15-amazing-ways-to-spike-hot-chocolate

2. Garland…Everywhere.

Or just decorate everything, that works too. First of all it takes time, meaning it’s the perfect way to procrastinate through the 14 days of finals prep, AND depending on how much hot chocolate from the above mentioned you drink, you could have a seriously interesting Christmas decor this year. You’re welcome.

3. Bake Cookies

Get creative here guys, don’t just go buy the packaged Toll House dough, (because the goal is to BAKE them.) No, but on the reals I find baking insanely fun, especially the decorating part. So if you aren’t a professional, or struggle in the kitchen like one of my BFF’s, then go buy “just add water and egg” sugar cookie dough ($1,) a couple of Christmas cookie cutters from Walmart ($3-ish,) and some sprinkles and icing ($5-ish.) Then go to town. If you are a little bit of an experimenter though, follow this link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/packages/12-days-of-cookies.html

4. Elf, Home Alone & the other 90’s kid classics.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.

5. Go to the Movies

Exodus: Gods and Kings, Legend of the NeverBeast, The Hobbit:The Battle of the Five Armies (PERSONAL FAVORITE,) Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, The Interview and more, all coming to a theater near you at some point in December. Check the full list out here: http://www.moviefone.com/december-movie-release-schedule

6. Catch a Game

With winter comes a variety of sports, my list?
-College Football Postseason
-Regular Season College Basketball
-Regular Season NFL
-Regular Season NHL

Guys, don’t say I never gave you anything.

7. Craft

Nothing is better than a homemade gift, I promise. Hell, my mom still has a poem I wrote her one year framed on her dresser, and my little cousins ADORE the monograms I painted them last year. If you aren’t crafty, I’m sure you can find a friend that is. Besides, crafting = ultimate sorority procrastination tool.

8. Gingerbread House, anyone?

Made my first one EVER last year, so you could say I’m still a little excited. Plus, it’s a great best friend bonding activity, because you’ll test each others limits with your totally different interior design skills. Gumdrops on the roof only, Elizabeth.


IT’S GONNA HAPPEN. So throw on your best snow attire*, snow boots, and some gloves and let the games begin.
*snow attire does not include leggings

10. Read a Book

If you don’t read then I don’t care. You should start reading, because all it does is help your mind grow. But, besides that point, I know for a fact if you walk into Target they will have a little section lined up with Christmas fiction novels, it’s super cute and awesome and festive. So pick one up and give ’em a try.

11. See the Lights

Okay, I don’t like understand myself on this one. So my hometown every year does Christmas in the Park, where businesses have all these festive light decorations and such on display and you just drive through the park and look at them then at the end pick your favorite and get a little candy cane- completely UN-fascinating considering it’s the SAME LIGHTS EVERY YEAR. But I still go, and will continue to go, if only for the mini candy cane.

12. Word Searches & Crossword Puzzles

Not going to lie this one came to mind because I was reeeeeeallllly having an idea block. But! A good word puzzle with some SPIKED hot cocoa can be fun! So yeah, try it. They’re free like all over online and in almost every local paper.

13. Knitting and/or Crocheting

This. Is. Hard. This is actually on this list because it’s something I tried last December, and let me tell you, it’s stressful almost. Not really though, once you get the hang of it. Plus, make yourself a scarf, by the fire, watching elf and drinking spiked hot chocolate.

14. Secret Santa..baby.

Much fun, so love. Doing this with my friends this year, instead of buying them all something small. My suggestion? Make rules! Obviously, rules are meant to be broken, but it does keep it fun. I’ll list my rules for this years Secret Santa below, feel free to steal.

1. Best friends cannot have each other, nor can significant others.
2. Spend no more than $30, no less than $5.
3. Make it funny, nobody wants a real gift from their broke college friend.
4. It has to be wrapped- sorry boys.
5. You have to try and guess who had you in the end- duh.

15. Game Night

Clue, Scategories, Sorry!, oh my! Love having game nights when it’s cold outside, especially ones that involve movement, like Quelf, Scene It or charades.

16. Write a Letter

Sentimental, it is the Christmas season after all. (and it can’t be all about warmed spiked beverages..) But whether you can’t make it to your parents this year, or if you’re thinking of your long-distance best friend over the Holidays,  mailing them a letter will make their day. It doesn’t even have to be long, hell just a quick Christmas card from the drugstore with your signature will do- but spread that Christmas cheer. You won’t regret it.

17. Volunteer

Oh my goodness, please do this. The Salvation Army is ALWAYS looking for help, as well as local soup-kitchens and food banks, I promise. Not to mention there’s tons of great programs such as Operation Christmas Child and Angle Tree that enable you to help a kid out this Christmas. So if there is only ONE thing you do from this list I hope it’s number 17. That’s the whole point of Christmas anyway.

18. Holiday Mani/Pedi?

Yes pleaseeeeee. If you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m an avid believer in exfoliating and pampering, so why neglect during the driest season of all?! Not to mention, snowmen, snowflakes, penguins, lights, stripes, bows, santa- so many nail design options who can keep up?! Oh, and if my best friend is reading this, which she is, because she’s my number 1 fan, we need to go do this before finals are done.


If you are in college, damnit, you better put on the tackiest sweater you could find in goodwill and party your happy little ass off. It’s becoming a tradition, and one that I can only hope lasts my entire lifetime. The best part? It’s now more than just human tacky sweaters; this year Target has tacky sweaters for your bottles and glasses, as well as your little furry friends. So literally, tacky sweater everything.

20. Get Fancy with the Wrapping Paper

Stop buying the typical ‘ho ho ho’ silver plated thin shit for .50 and being done. Have fun with this, after all depending on how soon you put gifts under your tree, this is a decoration. Dress it up with some pretty bows or even a variety of colored gift bags. My personal 2K14 wrapping style? Parchment paper with a variety of green and/or red ribbons, with scripted tags and Christmas Tree stamps. I’ll be sure to post pictures on my insta, I know you’re curious.

21. Try Something New

Like maybe a WordPress blogging class? Or a new Pilates series down the block? Seriously, try something new! You’re rounding out a great year, make it count!

22. Pray

I’m not saying much on this, as I feel it’s self explanatory. Remember what Christmas is all about, don’t lose the true meaning.

23. Sing

Damnit, Karen, if I want to sing Jingle Bells while walking across campus then I’m going to.

24. Stocking Stuff some Stuff

This is the best; go to the mall. And while you’re at the mall and you see all these fabulous sales, be sure to keep an eye on stocking stuffers. Lipgloss at Sephora, Lotion at Bath and Body Works and socks at JcPenny’s. You’re welcome. Again.

25. Get That Quality Family Time

I hope you do number 25 on the 25th. Surround yourself with those you love; friends, family and neighbors. That’s what the holidays are all about, right? Oh, and make sure grandma gets some of that spiked hot chocolate.

[Authors Note: While writing this post, I was watching ABC Family, which is like the number one television station in the world. A commercial advertising their countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas came on, and while it’s not on the list, I would like to personally endorse it as the only station to have on your television from Thanksgiving to the New Year. For a full list of holiday airings, go here: http://abcfamily.go.com/schedule%5D

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