Entitlement, & Why You Don’t Deserve…Anything

So, it’s been a solid amount of time since I’ve posted my last piece on basicblonde. Apologies, but if you weren’t following my wonderful life, I was writing for Apartments.com, & you should totally check it out.

My opinions for this particular piece hit me so hard in the face this week I’m surprised I don’t have a black eye or something. It all started when a guest speaker came into one of my classes to discuss “conflict management.” I put that in quotations because not a single word that came out of his mouth helped me better my cohesion and resolution skills.

I did, however, learn something.

He awards his employees that show up to work on time. For every day they are not late, they accumulate points which can add up to free stuff. Totally cool, totally awesome, totally pathetic. I’ve been a working girl since I turned 16 and was legally allowed to earn a paycheck. I’ve worked with people younger than me, my own peers and a handful of individuals who graduated pre-1990. The number one thing I cannot figure out is why people lack punctuality. Last time I checked, 8:00 am happened at the same time every day. You should not earn benefits for showing up to your job.

Way too many people hold this sense of entitlement. You are not special because mom makes six figures. You don’t deserve the job because your dad invented the toaster strudel. If there’s anything that has come from seeing the success of my family, it’s been the drive to work equally, if not harder, than they have. It may suck to start off making $7.50 an hour greeting everyone who walks through the door, but you’re still important. I can promise you that if you put your heart and soul into answering those phones and making customers happy, it’ll pay off someday.

Then we get into the $15/hour argument because, well, inflation.


Living comfortably is not the equivalent of the American Dream, people. Fact of the matter is that children, white-picket fences and pets cost a lot of money. I’m graduating in May of 2016, and I have no expectations other than to use cardboard boxes for the sole purpose of moving. I don’t expect a pool, or a Range Rover or a million dollar kitchen of my dreams. I’m fresh out of college and may have to work at the bottom of any and every totem pole I can find. I understand that for some, living comfortably means having electricity, warm water and some food in the refrigerator and most likely, I’ll have that. I probably won’t be buying new kicks every 6 months though, or traveling the world like I’d like to. I’m not going to picket my entry-level job to make more than an American Soldier.

I’m sorry. At this point you either love me or hate me, and I would love to hear your opinions, but first:

It’s pathetic guys. And I don’t feel bad for saying that to any of you. If you’ve been flipping those burgers for 50 years and your boss is just an asshole who’s out to get you, you have a right to complain. But if McDonald’s hired you yesterday and you were 5 minutes late, please contain your displaced fury.

The world owes you nothing.

Hard work is what pays off. I’m sorry that it may seem like you’re giving a lot to earn little, but that’s how the work flow goes. So please, stop bitching about your minimum-wage, entry-level problems and go earn what you want. You can’t get to the top of the ladder without putting in at least a little effort.


P.S. – please, always remember that early is on time, and on time is late.

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