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Writing about the thoughts in my head comes naturally. Writing about myself does not.

I was born and raised in Illinois, but realized I needed to hop that ship before it sank. I was fortunate enough to spend six years in Cape Girardeau studying at Southeast Missouri State University, interning with the Cape Chamber and a local hospital, and eventually working with United Way. My stint in Cape Girardeau and the not-for-profit sector were indescribable, and also overwhelming and unfulfilling.

Now you can find me in the St. Louis hospitality industry. I have a heart for working with people and their community, and I’m privileged to help share the RCL story everyday.

I guess to learn more you can check out the three featured posts on the main page, or head over to the blog.

Why honey bees & burnt CDs? To make a long story short, I’ve spent far too long outrunning the person that I was meant to become. Still far from the end, the blog is meant to remind me that no matter where I go and no matter who I am, there are things from my past that positively molded me into the woman I am today. I’ll forever be thankful for the honey bees & burnt CDs.

@knburk | obsessive Netflix user, casual instagrammer, wannabe NFL analyst

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