The Storm Pt2

Music screaming the same lyrics back at me that I yell into the empty space ahead of me. The sky continues to light up with no rhyme or reason. I'm ahead of this storm. I'm thriving. I'd give everything away to make it last just a second longer.


look at my new bitmoji, why won't that boxing workout stream on my TV? when you come home next I want to make pizza going for a walk with Brenda, talk to you later give me a call, just one quick question forty five minutes later I've forgotten the answer twenty six years of ongoing … Continue reading importance

/ fərˈgɪv nɪs /

Let your emotions be big. Let the pride and the confidence take over if it makes you happy. Be forgiving and continue to focus not on getting better, but just being better.

Cheers to One Year, St. Lou

This was totally meant to be one of those, "saved drafts" that never sees the light of day. But I think these last 12 months are something to be celebrated so - cheers to all the friends who keep me sane, the family who supported my decisions, and the girl who stood strong and is continuing to make all of this happen.


I truly can only sum up this experience in one word: incredible. I know so many of you think I'm insane, but you can't understand how much time I was wasting on these sites. Aimlessly scrolling for what probably totaled hours of every day, and for what? To keep up with people who I never speak to? To see what new meme Carley is sharing with her friends? To receive another pointless chain message? To boost your ego by double tapping that IG photo? If the shoe fits..

love & miss communication

In a world so reliant on technology, it's crazy to imagine cutting it from your life. I may be a little more shocked with the concept because of my professional background. In a world where social media is a key piece of every strategic marketing campaign, it's almost impossible to unplug.


For what I can remember of the last 23 years, I've always had two best friends that I can count on for more than just your typical advice. I was raised by them. Cared for by them. I grew from them. Learned so much from them. I couldn't imagine this life any differently, nor would I ask for it to be. 

The Storm PT1

It was coming. I didn't need the weather man to confirm it on the local news, or for my friends to share the warnings on their Facebook feeds. The storm was coming and even though the black clouds would mix into the moonlight and the wind would destroy everything in its path, I was chasing … Continue reading The Storm PT1

Thoughts We Think, Sentences We Speak

Think of the raw emotion, think of the verbal thoughts and push forward to create a life where the thoughts that we think and the sentences that we speak make a difference in someone else’s world, regardless.

Knock, Knock

We get caught up in our own lives and our own ways of doing things. It's inevitable and understandable. So, when it's you sitting on your bathroom floor crying - who do you want knocking to be your distraction?

An Attempt at Being Motivational

Three years ago, had you asked me what I was doing with my life, I would have answered with, "all the wrong things." But now I'm going all in for the rest of this journey and I'm ready to play with the best of 'em.

be kind.

I'm tired of just seeing words like "ignorance, bigot, hypocritical, and greedy" come across my news feeds. I'm ready to showcase the compassion, acceptance, and love that I know the majority of this country has.