Thoughts We Think, Sentences We Speak

Think of the raw emotion, think of the verbal thoughts and push forward to create a life where the thoughts that we think and the sentences that we speak make a difference in someone else’s world, regardless.

Knock, Knock

We get caught up in our own lives and our own ways of doing things. It's inevitable and understandable. So, when it's you sitting on your bathroom floor crying - who do you want knocking to be your distraction?

An Attempt at Being Motivational

Three years ago, had you asked me what I was doing with my life, I would have answered with, "all the wrong things." But now I'm going all in for the rest of this journey and I'm ready to play with the best of 'em.

7 Things I Learned While Waiting for the Right One

1. There's always more of yourself to discover. I didn't know I enjoyed fitness, & I forgot I loved to read. Sometimes when your life has a puzzle piece that doesn't fit, you forget that some of the other ones fit perfectly.   2. Life is full of adventure, take it.  The only ropes tying you … Continue reading 7 Things I Learned While Waiting for the Right One

Toes in the Water, Phone in Sand

I dare you to try it. I know there's a million articles out right now about how you should stop using your cell phone - what's one more going to do? Shut the wi-fi off for a week, or delete those social media apps off your phone; do whatever it takes to just try a few days without your phone. You'll appreciate it, I promise.

Entitlement, & Why You Don’t Deserve…Anything

So, it's been a solid amount of time since I've posted my last piece on basicblonde. Apologies, but if you weren't following my wonderful life, I was writing for, & you should totally check it out. My opinions for this particular piece hit me so hard in the face this week I'm surprised I don't … Continue reading Entitlement, & Why You Don’t Deserve…Anything