look at my new bitmoji, why won't that boxing workout stream on my TV? when you come home next I want to make pizza going for a walk with Brenda, talk to you later give me a call, just one quick question forty five minutes later I've forgotten the answer twenty six years of ongoing … Continue reading importance

be kind.

I'm tired of just seeing words like "ignorance, bigot, hypocritical, and greedy" come across my news feeds. I'm ready to showcase the compassion, acceptance, and love that I know the majority of this country has.

love & miss communication

In a world so reliant on technology, it's crazy to imagine cutting it from your life. I may be a little more shocked with the concept because of my professional background. In a world where social media is a key piece of every strategic marketing campaign, it's almost impossible to unplug.


For what I can remember of the last 23 years, I've always had two best friends that I can count on for more than just your typical advice. I was raised by them. Cared for by them. I grew from them. Learned so much from them. I couldn't imagine this life any differently, nor would I ask for it to be.