be kind.

I'm tired of just seeing words like "ignorance, bigot, hypocritical, and greedy" come across my news feeds. I'm ready to showcase the compassion, acceptance, and love that I know the majority of this country has.

when i think about you, i think about 17

We all know what the ringing of a new year means to the vast majority of people. I won't take the time to explain it all because it's April, meaning "fresh starts" and new long-term goals are so three months ago. Plus, this blog isn't really about any of that. Some of us rang it … Continue reading when i think about you, i think about 17

Toes in the Water, Phone in Sand

I dare you to try it. I know there's a million articles out right now about how you should stop using your cell phone - what's one more going to do? Shut the wi-fi off for a week, or delete those social media apps off your phone; do whatever it takes to just try a few days without your phone. You'll appreciate it, I promise.