3 Reasons I’m Obsessed with Reese’s Book Club

Hola, #honeybees. I’ve taken quite the leave from blogging but, as promised, it’s with good reason. (Sorry, that’s all you get for now.)

So, January was pretty tough for some of you. If I had a dollar for every tweet already swearing off 2019, I would have like… $50 at least. I know, I know – chump change for the analogy, it wouldn’t even buy me two StL Blues tickets. But that means there’s fifty people out there who have written off the last 10 months of the year because the first thirty days didn’t go their way.

Sorry friends, not to be that person, but I have loved every second of 2019. There’s been a couple of Rachel Green’s, “kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck,” days, but in retrospect I’ve been a boss bitch since moving up to the Lou. (More to come on that later, too.)

The purpose of today’s blog is to tell you why I’m obsessed with Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club. RW’s Hello Sunshine brand has done an exceptional job at bringing book clubs into the 21st century, and as someone who has a big goal to get back into reading this year, it’s been a great relationship. The entire thing is Instagram based and only suggests one book for you to read every month.

It’s All Online

As a media-focused, grandma-like millennial, I appreciate brands and companies who understand the importance of enhancing old practices.

One thing that everyone is vying for is time – and unfortunately we only get what we already have. The idea of a book club always intrigued me, but going to a monthly meeting to discuss themes and favorite passages was never going to be something I prioritized.

I’ve loved reading ever since they made me start tracking pages in elementary school. Growing up, turning the pages was an escape from the awkard and uncomfortable world that comes with being in middle school. Now I love the commitment to research that each author tackles when writing new chapters. I love hearing the inspiration behind each character. I love all of it, all the time, and I can’t get enough of it. So what promises can be made from an online book club?

  • You can expect Reese to have her new pick on Instagram at the top of every month.
  • You can expect video interviews with each author, addressing their inspiration for the story, passion for the industry, and love of the Club.
  • You can expect Amazon to (almost) always have the book available on Prime, meaning that within two days of ordering your book will be at your doorstep ready for you to open.

It’s easy and doesn’t require you to even leave your couch, which means it shouldn’t need to get any better than this, but…

It Forces Me to Read Outside my Comfort Zone

I hate to admit it, but I was that girl in high school that read Twilight and Crank. How predictable of me, right?

I will never forget the time my 8th grade English teacher told me that I was reading books that were below my reading level. “Okay, but do you understand how much enjoyment I get out of Edward’s obsession of Bella?”

I’m disgusting.

I have always had a “type” when it came to my books, though. After my angst-filled teenage years dwindled, I was sucked into Nicholas Spark’s romantic, southern world before completely cutting out reading all together. We know I picked up a fluff-piece last year, called Love and Miss Communication, but other than that I couldn’t find anything that jived with me.

It was actually really hard for me to pick up “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis because it wasn’t my usual genera. I decided that I needed to get into a new mindset during my move up to the City, so I forced myself to buy it and test the waters. That book flipping rocks and I swear it’s half the reason I’ve done so well since my move.

This is only my third month in RBCxHS, but I’ve already been challenged to read a story that I never would have picked up on my own. The Library Book is a nonfiction about the historic Los Angeles Public Library and the horrific fire that engulfed its stacks back in the 80’s. Honestly, it was a really hard read for me right out of the gate, but I’m so glad I finished it and pushed myself to learn about something new. By the time I was halfway through, I was vying to know what strong lady was in line to take over as head Librarian and, of course, I had to figure out what Harry Peak’s final story to the LAPD would be.

The second was The Proposal and, admitting that I judge books by their covers, it seemed like it was going to be a bit of a fluff novel. You know what, it totally was but Nik and Carlos’ modern day relationship had me turning pages like it was my full time job.

Next up on the block is Daisy Jones and the Six, which I’m pretty so stoked to dive into after I finish Karamo Brown’s inaugural chapters. (Shameless plugging the Fab5, always.)

Finally, It’s a Neat Little Community

RBCxHS has 969K followers which makes me wonder how far of a reach the Club actually has. Like, am I in a super-fun book club with people in Australia? Italy? Canada? Shoot, how many of my neighbors are following along?

One thing I really enjoy about the utilization of Instagram for a book club is the sense of community that stems from a social media following. Reese’s team will post chats with the author on their inspiration for the current story, or a quick peek into what else they’re reading. (I always love seeing what authors are reading.. sometimes it’s vastly different from what they’re writing and I have a strong appreciation for it.) If you scroll the archives you can find testimonials, personal stories, love triangles and recipes.

Seriously, last month Jasmine Guillory taught us how to make her Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes, which are featured in the February book pick. Do I plan on making them this Spring? Of course…  that’s half the fun, right?

It’s a little community that stems across the entire country and I just find a weird comfort in being a part of it.

Seriously though, if you’re someone who enjoys a good story and is consistently overwhelmed by the stacks at your local Library or book store – try Reese’s style on for a bit and see how you like it. It’s a great way to become introduced to new authors, like Kate Quinn and Taylor Jenkins Reid, and step into worlds you may not otherwise had.

Plus.. who doesn’t want an excuse to draw up a bubble bath and pour a glass of wine?

(Nobody paid me to say any of this, I just truly love what Reese’s team has created.)


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